It may mean using your imagination a little more than when you’re looking at an established home, but buying off the plan also comes with a bunch of advantages and benefits that you wont get with an established home.


Stamp Duty Savings

Thanks to the Government’s current Stamp Duty concession for off the plan homes, you’ll save up to $15,500 on the Stamp Duty costs of purchasing your new apartment.


Concessions and Grants

If you are buying your first home, you can also save $15,000 when you buy a brand new home instead of an established one. This is thanks to the State Government’s current First Home Buyers Grant.


Take More Time To Save

When you decide to purchase an off the plan apartment, you’ll have more time to save – you’ll only need to part with your deposit initially and have until settlement to grow your home savings account. You won’t have to wait too long though – AERIS construction is already well underway and you’ll be moving in here early 2018!


Maintenance Free Living

There’s always a huge list of jobs to be done on pre-existing homes as they age. Buying a new off-the-plan residence means everything is already in perfect working order and as fresh as it possibly can be, leaving you with fewer tasks and chores to worry about and more time to sit back and enjoy your living space!


It’s Brand New!

Who doesn’t love the appeal of a brand new home? No marks or stains from previous owners, no cracked paint to redo, nothing that needs a good clean or a refit – just shiny, slick new surfaces and a blank canvas for you to personalize yourself.


Tax Advantages

Adelaide is growing in popularity amongst Australians and visitors as one of the most liveable cities in the world, with renewed Bowden setting new standards for apartment living.  This means a number of government initiatives to stimulate growth and revitalization around the area – leaving your new apartment susceptible to capital gains in the future. If you are looking to invest, contact your accountant to learn more about the tax advantages available to you.


To learn more about the process of buying off-the-plan at AERIS, leave us a message here or call 1800 BOWDEN.