Plants are good for the lungs, heart, brain and soul. They’ll clear the air you breathe and they’re linked to positive mental well-being – just looking at lush green plant can reduce stress. Incorporating plants into your home is a no-brainer (though some of us seem to be more skilled in caring for them than others), but what if we told you that not all apartment plants are created equal?

These 8 plants are perfectly suited to apartment living and offer more benefits than first meet the eye.

  1. Mother In Law’s Tongue
    Here’s one to park on your bedside table! Also known as Snake Plant, the long green leaves of this beauty emit oxygen and are known to improve sleep quality. Just be sure to place it out of reach of cats and dogs – ingesting this one doesn’t usually end well.
  2. Gerberas
    These beauties remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air (commonly found in laundry detergents). This makes them perfect candidates for your laundry windowsill or benchtop, provided they can catch enough rays to keep them happy.
  3. Devil’s Ivy
    Perfect for darker, heavily air-conditioned offices (or garages), this versatile plant removes ozone from the air. Plus, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to increase your home’s greenery, these fast-growers can be cut and placed in water anywhere around the home.
  4. Dwarf Lemon Tree
    Granted, the benefits of this one are slightly more obvious, but by adding a potted lemon on your light-filled balcony, you’ll save plenty at the greengrocer (who doesn’t use lemons?). Plus, we’re pretty confident you’ll end up ingesting more lemons than you otherwise would, and that means more antioxidants and vitamins which could help decrease heart disease risk, reduce inflammation, and fight some cancers.
  5. Lavender
    Pot this fella and place him by your child’s desk or your office window. The scent of lavender (along with some citrus and lemongrass) has been shown to increase accuracy in typing and math.
  6. Aloe Vera
    The advantages of this plant are slightly more well known. Rub aloe gel on your skin and you’ll benefit from a number of healing properties – perfect for cuts and burns.
  7. Rubber Plants
    These low-maintenance stunners are fantastic for purifying the air and eliminating toxins. They thrive even in cooler climates and with lower levels of light will grow as big the pot you plant them in allows.
  8. Mint
    Of course, we recommend almost all herbs. But who doesn’t love mint?! It’s the herb just takes over the garden when planted, which proves it’s easy to grow. Place a pot of it on your balcony or kitchen windowsill and you’ll find yourself adding it to everything you can – stir fry’s, smoothies and all.

There you have it, our by-no-means-exhaustive list of apartment plants that will earn their keep in your home.