Moving home is a big event, both in terms of milestones and time and effort required. You might be tempted to just put everything you’ve got in a box and cart it over to your brand new abode, but if you take the time to properly plan and sort yourself and all your belongings, you’re really going to reap the benefits of a de-cluttered and simplified life.
Plan ahead. Packing always takes longer than you expect it to and moving house is the ultimate form of packing! Sit down as early on as possible and categorise everything by how often you need it, when it will be packed and which items will need more sorting attention than others.
Turn one of your current rooms or spaces into a dedicated ‘packing site’. Keep it organized, and close the doors on it when you’re not actually packing – out of sight out of mind while you’re getting on with life.
Get rid of double-ups.  We’ve all got them! Why did we ever need two toasters? Why didn’t we throw out the old bathroom scales or desktop computer or coffee table when we upgraded? We are by no means suggesting you should put these in the bin – post them up on Gumtree or ebay or donate them to charity, one mans trash is another mans treasure and we want to keep our negative impact on the planet at bay!
Filter through all your belongings and decide if they really have a place in your life. Anything you haven’t used in the past year, non-functional furniture, out of date cosmetics, broken things, irrelevant paperwork, old media, the never-worn, the worn-to-death, the obsolete, the list goes on… Take your inspiration from The Minimalists and if it doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you joy, move it on to someone or somewhere else.
Downsizing? There’s going to be plenty of sorting activity required over the coming months but it’ll all be worth it once you’re settled in your brand new, perfectly furnished home. It may be worth starting the search for more appropriately sized furniture now, you’ll have enough time to re-sell the pieces that have served you so well over the years without needing to attempt to squeeze them into your new home in a mad rush. Get rid of any furniture you don’t need anymore too – the kids old beds, old cupboards, Nan’s old chairs, etc.
Think about what you’re putting in which box. One of the biggest moving mistakes resulting in sore backs and broken belongings is the misconception that heavy things go in big boxes. The opposite is true, fill your big boxes with your lightest items and use small boxes to stash the heaviest things. Thank us later!
Double/triple/quadruple label. Which box is that pair of shoes in and where is the box now? Make it super easy for yourself and put a label on every side of the box so no matter where its stacked, it’s obvious what’s in it.
Don’t waste space. If you’re moving a dresser, a suitcase, a wardrobe, etc, see if you can move them filled rather than empty. It makes no sense to be packing air while you’re scrounging around for more boxes!
Get help. Look outside of the traditional moving company scene. If you can’t rope in enough friends and family with utes, wagons and SUVs, check out sites like Airtasker, a trusted, low-cost community marketplace for people to outsource tasks like moving. Better yet, why not search Airtasker for someone to help you pack, clean and repair beforehand, or even get to work on planning your next holiday while you’re busy moving!
Construction is well underway and move-in day at AERIS is growing ever-closer, with completion of the building early next year. Start planning and decluttering now – every little bit helps!