Similar to a life coach, you can now find sustainable living coaches who will visit your home to share sustainable living tips, how-to’s and resources, to optimise your space for greener and cleaner living.

Now, you might not call someone in to do this for you, so we’ve rounded up the top five tips for you to do it all on your own:

  1. Light candles: Not just any candles though! Soy based candles are petroleum free and great for the environment. Head to for 100% soy wax and coconut oil candles. You will find this fresh and funky line at local markets around Adelaide as well as online. May we suggest the Mandarin Amber Coconut Lime, it’s divine.
  2. Turn out the lights, and then some: It’s obvious that you should turn the lights off when you leave the house, but think about going a step further and turning the computer and other electrical items off. You will be amazed at how much will come off your power bill at the end of the month.
  3. Cut down on food waste: Planning your meals ahead of time ensures you know exactly what you need whilst you peruse the aisles at your local Bowden IGA and locally grown, fresh food purveyors at Plant 4. If you bought too much of that chicken on special? Use the freezer! Make sure to label what you have frozen so it’s not a mystery when you are ready to defrost.
  4. Recycle: That carton or can should definitely go in the yellow bin. But what about your electronics, ink cartridges and batteries? Check out where your nearest centre is located and get the good feels after you’ve done your bit for the environment.
  5. Natural cleaning solutions: We swear by lemons and baking soda. Tackle faucets, countertops and those greasy dishes with a bit of lemon juice and baking soda and some elbow grease. Your home will be gleaming.
  6. Cut down on plastics: Storing leftovers frequently? Invest in a few differently sized beeswax food wraps, like the ones by local company Wrappa. Handcrafted in South Australia using 100% cotton, either local filtered beeswax or plant-based wax, tree resin and jojoba oil, these stunning food wraps are colourful, reusable and are a must for every household.
  7. Reduce your food miles: The closer to home the food you buy is grown or produced, the better it is for the environment. Buy your groceries from local growers and butchers, grow your own herbs or get involved with the Park Terrace Community Garden.
  8. Give up bottled water: There is no scientific evidence to actually suggest that bottled water is any better for you than tap. Swapping out the regular plastic bottles with a filtered tap in your home is the way forward, it’ll save you money and help to produce less waste, plus you won’t be exposed to any nasty crude oil PET plastics.
  9. Choose slow fashion: Buying cheaply made articles of ‘fast fashion’ clothing that are soon to go out of style, won’t last or aren’t quite right (but it was such a good sale!) contributes enormously to our planet’s landfill. We should be investing in classic, quality pieces of clothing that we love, will wear more often and won’t be binned or dumped after a few months.
  10. Walk to work: Granted, we aren’t all lucky enough to live close enough to walk to and from our places of work, but even taking the tram or bus or riding your bike to work makes a positive difference to our planet by reducing carbon emissions and every little bit counts! AERIS On The Park lies just 4km north of the city – 10 minutes by tram, 10 minutes by bike or a scenic half hour walk through parklands.