Hi Sarah! Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself!

I work as a social worker down south, currently I live in Brighton and am looking forward to a move closer to town. I like sea-side activities – paddle boarding, swimming, walking, etc. I like to think I’m an avid reader, but realistically I only read when away from working!


What do you love most about Bowden and what are you most looking forward to about living there?

I’ve always loved living in the inner western suburbs – have lived in Mile End, Thebarton and Torrensville. I’m looking forward to being close to the city, I also really like Bowden itself as a suburb. Many moons ago I worked on Hawker Street and am looking forward to getting back to the Hawker Street café regularly. It will be great to be back closer to the Wheatsheaf too!


What made you decide AERIS was right for you, compared to the other buildings in Bowden?

I had more choice when looking at these apartment blocks as it had only recently been released when I was looking. I really liked that it has lots of open spaces and aims to attract lots of natural light.


What’s your favourite feature/component of the design at AERIS?

I am looking forward to seeing how the internal courtyard is going to look and feel. I also really like that there are two outdoor spaces designed into my unit.


One of our favourite features of AERIS and some of its neighbours is the 5 Star Green Star initiative for sustainability, was this an important part of your buying decision or just a lucky benefit?

It certainly helped! I feel it is really important to be committed to sustainability and it is good to know that both the design and construction of Aeris has taken that into consideration.


Tell us about the apartment/floor plan you chose and why.

I chose a two bedroom apartment on the third floor. I liked that the bathroom is between the two bedrooms and the living space is long with lots of options of how to fill it.


How did you find the buying process?

Quite overwhelmingly easy – I thought it would be a lot harder! I still need to go through getting the settlement process which might be a bit trickier.


If you could describe the design of AERIS in three words, what would they be?

New, exciting & bright!


One of the great things about Bowden is that it’s so well connected to Adelaide through bike paths, trails, tram and train lines. Do you think you’ll be utilizing these a lot when you move in?



There are still a number of apartments available at AERIS, but not for long. Contact us on 1800 BOWDEN or at aeris@connektup.com.au for pricing, floorplans and more.