The benchmark has been set. AERIS apartments offer a new level of quality and design to which so many aspire.

Light and bright – with a choice of two and three bedroom homes available. Quiet privacy with walls reflecting sunny days – and space to live well. These are the key features of AERIS design.


AERIS apartment living is easy on the eye – sophisticated design and creative wall and ceiling colour options. Light and bright by day; you’ll enjoy peaceful soft tones as the sun begins to set and the park lands bird-life starts to settle.

Since Bowden is a walkable community many residents choose not to own a car. But if you do, at AERIS there is a secure carpark for you. And if you prefer to cycle, you can lock-up your bike in a space below, or near the central courtyard.



These are exciting times to be living at Bowden, as the city council prepares to invest in developing new pathways through the park lands – just for you – to the city’s exciting new Riverbank entertainment precinct. It’s just a 20-minute walk, or minutes on a bike, via leafy pathways, winding by the peaceful River Torrens edge.

Bowden’s connection to Riverbank means that you’re close enough to enjoy the city’s year-round waterbased activities and Festival Plaza’s annual festival and cabaret events – but sufficient distance to tap a different rhythm if you choose.

AERIS apartments boast a communal courtyard for friends and family to enjoy. Fire up a barbecue, turn a leafy salad, throw fresh juice across crushed ice, it’s your community open space when you have an appetite for active entertainment.

Project News

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          SA Project Developments Pty Ltd emerged in 2013 as the company driving AERIS on the Park, one of several developments for the Mossop Group of Companies.  It is now to be the face of the Group’s future developments, under the directorship of  Neil, John and Ray Mossop.
          Combine 2012 & 2015 Master Builder of the year, Mossop Construction + Interiors, with world renown, Swanbury Penglase Architects, and you are assured AERIS will deliver beyond expectation.

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